A christian minority senior secondary institution under Baring Union Christian College Association, Batala

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Attendance and Leave of Absence

The School expects all the continuing students to be present on the first day of the re-opening of the School for the new session and also on the day beginning each new term. It is compulsory for every student to put in a minimum of 80% of the total attendance during the period their names have been on the rolls of the School in order to be eligible for the promotion examination at the end of the academic session. All students are also expected to attend the school assembly and the morning prayer. Students not attending school for valid reasons are required to put in an application for leave. Students absenting without leave are fined. The sick leave application should specify the nature of illness and as far as possible should be accompanied by a medical certificate. Parents/guardians while applying for leave must mention the name, class and section of their ward. Incomplete leave applications are likely to be rejected.
Students absenting themselves from the school on the first day of each term or five days in continuation without leave shall have their names struck off the rolls and shall be readmitted only if there is a vacancy and on payment of the prescribed readmission fees and fine for absence.
The School expects every student to maintain a high standard of discipline inside as well as outside the classroom that the school authorities extend upon every student upon its rolls in all places and at all times. Any act of insubordination and disobedience to the order of the School authorities, mis-behaviour or delinquency of any kind, which in the opinion and judgement of the Principal, lowers the moral tone and prestige of the School will be appropriately dealt with and may involve stiff fine, removal of name from School rolls, expulsion, rustication, according to the gravity of the offence.

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